root canal

5 Things To Expect During Root Canal Treatment

A root canal is a dental procedure that involves surgical removal of the pulp due to an infection or some other form of damage.

A damaged pulp tissue can cause unbearable pain, swelling, sensitivity to heat and cold, a bad taste in your mouth and discoloration. If you want to solve that using root canal treatment, here’s everything you should brace yourself for:

  1. X-ray scans

X-ray scans are conducted to examine the general health of your tooth and if you’re eligible for the treatment.

  1. Application of a local anesthetic

Your tooth and surrounding tissue are put under anesthesia to make the process painless and comfortable.

  1. Drilling of the tooth

An access hole will be created either at the top or side of the tooth to allow the dentist access to the root canals. The positioning of the access hole depends on the position of the tooth being repaired.

  1. Removal of the pulp content

Through the access hole, your surgeon will use special tools to pull out the pulp and nerve. The access hole is then widened to facilitate thorough cleaning of the insides of the tooth.

  1. Filling of the tooth

The now-hollow tooth is filled with the material known as gutta-percha. The access hole can then be sealed using composite resin or another filling material.

Receive a root canal today

Root canals provide arguably the most reliable way to save a decaying tooth and foil future infections, sensitivity, and pain. Visit a dentist today to see if your aching tooth qualifies for a canal treatment.

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